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  1. xtbhyn

    What do you think about my landing page? How can I improve it?

    Hello everyone :) I made a landing page to validate whether the problem I am solving is worth solving and also if the solution is good enough. I developed this to scratch my own itch and I've been using it for sometime. I would love to know your thoughts about the landing page. Here is the...
  2. xtbhyn

    Now Live Not the Usual Design Books (NuDB)

    Hello everyone, this side project of mine is neither a product nor a service. It's a reading list! 🙂 Here is the story behind it.. On 9th April 2019, Dan Saffer (interaction designer) asked his Twitter followers to recommend their "favourite design book that isn't a traditional design book"...
  3. xtbhyn

    🙏 Namaste from India!

    Hello wonderful people 😊 I am a full stack developer and interaction designer based in Guwahati, a city located in the north eastern corner of India. Here's a quick summary of my life.. 2018 - present: Founded a software firm called "projckt" ( Occasionally, I work on client...