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  1. Mike Rees

    Shifts in the market

    Over the last fortnight or so, I've been contacted at least 10 times by recruiters with job listings at the same level I'm currently working at, with over twice my current compensation rate as a base salary alone. I'm not interested in moving on from my current role, but such a salary was...
  2. Mike Rees

    How to Improve Your Testing Skills?

    For me it was just repetition. Try to write code in a test driven manner. You wind up writing better tests if you're not trying to fit it to code you just wrote.
  3. Mike Rees


    Yea I'm super in to space. I don't know too much about the private ventures, though I am quite keen on Blue Origin's vision of industrialising near Earth space and turning the entire world into a nature reserve. I think Virgin Galactic's website is really nice looking, though the latency to...
  4. Mike Rees

    6g is needed or not?

    It's quite typical in hardware that the next standard begins development before the "current" one is finalised and rolled out. There will be a cutoff point where introductions are prohibited so they begin to build a pool for the next standard. With regards to Kessler's Syndrome, while I do...
  5. Mike Rees

    What is the best way to build an online shop for existing business?

    I would say in the absence of a need for any bespoke functionality, Shopify is cheap enough that it's just not worth the hassle of getting a custom or self hosted implementation set up. If they have no web presence at all then it would be manual but could be entirely set up without coding expertise.
  6. Mike Rees

    Roast my landing page (WP for Developers)

    The only thing I can really roast you for is describing the south coast as sunny. I've lived there, sunny is at best an incredibly relative term. I prefer wordy sites to picturey sites, personally, but then I imagine that's not so great for conversion and I'm generally not the target audience...
  7. Mike Rees

    🐘 2020's fastest-rising tech jobs? Programming language PHP leads the way

    Tell you what if my LinkedIn inbox is anything to go by every damn language is rising fast at the moment. All those companies that furloughed devs who went on to find new jobs, that now realise the furlough scheme is over, seem desperate for developers!
  8. Mike Rees

    [D&D] How to handle a denying/unaware team attacking player?

    Yea pretty much. It's always super awkward when there's PvP that isn't agreed upon by everyone beforehand. Is the guy a new player? It's an easy mistake to make if you're new, but if not then it's just a selfish personality.
  9. Mike Rees

    [D&D] How to handle a denying/unaware team attacking player?

    I never get to play a character rather than DM so I dunno how valuable this will be from a player's perspective. But first port of call would be to check with the player and the DM to make sure that this is not just some edgelord attacking other players because it's fun without even checking...
  10. Mike Rees

    🎂 Webwide turns 1! What's new and what's next?

    Happy birthday webwide! I promise this year to visit more often 😅
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  12. Mike Rees

    DNS Woes

    Nope, we stuck with the spoofer. Also found that adding 10,000+ NGINX records would rapidly become unwieldy so we've wound up throwing them all into a laravel route that reads a DB for the domain name's information and redirects to the main site, so we can keep it on HTTPS. It's all a bit of a...
  13. Mike Rees

    ☕️ What are you working on this week? [Sep 14th 2020]

    It's gamejam day today at work. So I'm making an isometric city builder related to "pandemic" in vanilla javascript and pulling my hair out.
  14. Mike Rees

    Now Live Relaunch!

    Does it do different Amazon stores or just
  15. Mike Rees

    DNS Woes

    Basically I am working on a system that is a place for parking domains for drop catchers. So yea there are currently just over 10,000 domains pointed to the existing system, that we're gonna port over by changing the IP of the nameserver. I need to set up DNS on that machine to capture all...
  16. Mike Rees

    DNS Woes

    Hey guys, anyone know much about configuring DNS? I have a circumstance where I need to point 10,000 domains with no A records all to the same IP address as a wildcard, the same server the nameservers are pointing to. I've tried using dnsmasq with configuration like address-/#/IP.IP.IP.IP with...
  17. Mike Rees

    🦊 Mozilla's layoffs are bad news for developers

    It's a bit depressing, I was hoping to switch back to Fx full-time but I can't see it happening now.
  18. Mike Rees

    Font Families with sans and serif and multiple weights

    Lucida has serif and sans-serif versions.
  19. Mike Rees

    Cheap hosting for ideas in development?

    Can't beat digital ocean in my experience, for prototyping or just small projects in general. Their service is great, their documentation is unbeatable, and if you do run into overrun costs from DDoS or whatever just shoot them an email and they'll refund you or cancel the bill.
  20. Mike Rees

    Web design/development YouTube channels

    I occasionally watch Joshua Fluke as a form of self-harm.