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Search results

  1. tom

    Help Wanted How to store api keys

    Basically you should separate the Vault from your server and put it on a second server. Then you'll create credentials (eg. AppRole if you're only doing server to server communication) and policies for the credentials, so every credential can only access the path it's intended to access. Also...
  2. tom

    Help Wanted How to store api keys

    If you need a high secure facility, you can also have a look at Vault by HashiCorp That's what I'm using for storing sensitive data provided by users eg. username/password combinations, ssh keys, api keys, access tokens, ...
  3. tom

    Daily success!

    @Adam I've bought a piano a few months ago. But haven't been able to play any more than 2-3 hours yet. Do you practice with youtube videos or a book or an app?
  4. tom

    Daily success!

    Okokok this may seem like I'm only active in this thread anymore but that's caused by the current sideproject I'm working on. Today I've managed to get the Jenkins pipeline working and I'm exhausted, angry and a little bit proud that I mastered this challenge. Took me a big step closer to my...
  5. tom

    Daily success!

    Installed Jenkins (Cloudbees version) and ELK stack yesterday evening/night. First one worked straight away, second one took some time because the dockerized versions didn't work at all or were already outdated. Now it works and I'm looking forward combining all the stuff on the weekend 🥰
  6. tom

    🌟 Webwide Monthly Update: November 2019 (plus announcing Webwide 1.1)

    The new logo is great, fits nicely to the rest of the website 😊 Good job! I'm really looking forward to all the new things that are in the pipeline for this month. Thank you Adam!
  7. tom

    Hi bot! 😊

    Hi bot! 😊
  8. tom

    Post Your Pet

    After 10 years in the family of my GF we lost her dog to cancer in August this year. Still hurts (knew her for 2 years and even though she always licked me what I absolutely hated, it hurt so much when we had to let her go).
  9. tom

    Daily success!

    I‘d love to do this! ☺️ I started working for the company in January 2019 and will be sliding into the lead dev role throughout 2020 including mentoring for the juniors and other devs in our team. We definitely should video chat sometime soon 😃
  10. tom


    Servus und herzlich willkommen! 😊 Viel Spaß hier bei uns.
  11. tom

    Daily success!

    Oh I forgot... I‘ll become lead dev in 2020. 😁
  12. tom

    Hello from Minneapolis, MN

    Hi Laura! Welcome to Webwide 😃 If you need help with anything regarding programming, design or infrastructure, you've come to the right place. Please feel free to ask and enjoy your stay!
  13. tom

    Best Augmented Reality App Builder for a paper publication?

    @MarinetG here's an article that has even more frameworks including VR that you could have a look at: Build Your Next AR/VR Web App Using JavaScript
  14. tom

    Best Augmented Reality App Builder for a paper publication?

    Hi Marinet, I also wanted to do something like that last year but canceled my plans due to too high licensing costs. 2 providers of SDKs I found were both located in Germany. 3DQR and alive Augmented Reality | AR SDK & App Development
  15. tom

    Daily success!

    Finished setting up Docker Swarm, Hashicorp Vault, Continuous CI and a private docker image registry all together on 6 digital ocean droplets. Website for new project is almost finished and I found an awesome domain for the new project. Also had my yearly employee talk with my boss. Went very...
  16. tom

    Daily success!

    I've just set up my first docker swarm cluster. I'm now working on adding portainer and traefik. 😄
  17. tom

    Help Wanted Building a docker swarm with traefik frontend on digitalocean

    Dear community, the title says it all, mostly 😃 Has anyone of you already built a docker swarm cluster on digital ocean with traefik handling all the http(s) stuff for the containers of the swarm? Did you do everything manually or did you use ansible or terraform or likewise? Looking forward...
  18. tom

    💻 Apple releases new MacBook Pro 16"

    Sooo a general question: Are there already sleeves and cases available in the wild for the new Macbook Pro 16"? If so, can you please share your findings here? Thank you very much! 😊
  19. tom

    💻 Apple releases new MacBook Pro 16"

    4608.00 € including Apple Care here in Austria. 😅
  20. tom

    Third party/services tech stack

    Version control: Gitlab.com & Github.com Hosting: Hetzner.de & Contabo.com & uberspace.de Mails: AWS (soon) CI/CD: Gitlab.com CDN: KeyCDN.com DNS & Domains: INWX.de Uptime: Uptime Robot