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    Development Remade my portfolio

    Worked on my portfolio, tried to push the boat out and have a little fun at the same time! Thoughts?
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    for-est - a website that helps you find a holiday in a forest [WIP]

    Im working on a website design and for once going without a framework completely any feedback on the design or better ways to do things is very much appreciated! Still a WIP so some things are still being worked on any feedback is still appreciated! Cheers, Tom
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    Looking for inspiration or a new project

    Hi all long time no chat! Sadly lost my job with all that's going on so suddenly have much more time on my hands whilst I search for a new one. This also means I also lost access to the amazon api I was using for most of my projects. Mostly comfortable working with laravel and with product...
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    Logistics of setting up pusher

    This might be a simple answer, im setting up pusher notifications in my laravel app, how do I go about splitting notifications for different users? Does each user have their own channel? What would be the best way of doing that? Or im fully open to suggestions! Cheers, Tom
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    Cheap hosting for ideas in development?

    This might be a bit off topic but is there a go too host for hosting ideas that your currently developing? I dont mind paying but I dont want to break the bank and it doesnt need to be high performance as its generally only me using it to test bugs and such and make sure it runs on a production...
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    Storing user files in laravel

    Hi all! Long time no post! Hope everyone who reads this is doing ok and keeping safe! I have a bit of a dilemma, I'm using laravel to make a simple stock management system and im struggling with the logistics of storing user files, I want them to be accessible via url but the person logged in...
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    Google recaptcha question!

    Ok question time because im baffled, ive been learning laravel and im loving it so far (Thanks @Gummibeer ). I recently setup user authentication and added google recaptcha into the mix all seems to be workings which is great! Now for the question, when I go to the admin console the date seems...
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    Question on file organisation!

    Hi all! Im a single self taught developer working at a small company with no other developers, im worried im picking up bad habits or doing things wrong! So my question to you is am I organising my current project correctly? I have put in a link to an imgur album of my file tree, I cant seem to...
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    Understanding composer error

    Hi all, Sorry if it seems like im always asking for help! Im attempting to dive deep into learning frameworks and general webdev tools, im attempting to follow this tutorial: Symfony Tutorial: Building a Blog (Part 1) Which I unserddstand so far but im running into an issue when I get to...
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    How to store api keys

    Hey all! Just looking for some quick advice, the app im working on requires api keys from a 3rd party to work correctly. How do I go about storing them safely in my database? I cant store them how I would store a password because I need to be able to use them again so how do? Sorry if this...
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    Help with auth class?

    As a self-taught reasonably new programmer the thing I find most daunting is security specifically security involving databases, I have written a user auth class but I'm struggling to find a way to validate that it is secure. Is it ok to post it here for a peer review type thing? I only really...
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    Development Stock management System

    Im currently working on a stock management system that will help the user to track stock levels for amazon ebay and magento whilst using product descriptions images and meta tags between each platform. If an item on amazon has a good listing pull it into the stock list and then list it to...
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    What brings you to my waters?

    Hi Im greg im a pretty new self taught webdev from the UK! Im currently working on a custom dashboard and stock management system using the amazon and ebay api's! Nice to meet you guys!