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Search results

  1. Gummibeer

    Your worst vacancies

    Today I got another Instagram vacancy as and had a brainfuck. The image stated "webdeveloper" - my first question was: "What is a web developer?" Do they mean frontend, backend, fullstack, app, api or what? The website added "PHP/JS" - so okay, it's fullstack for websites, shops and so on...
  2. Gummibeer

    Help Wanted Firefox privacy setup

    What do you use for maximum privacy in Firefox? Firefox comes with some privacy things out of the box. But which plugins do you use to increase it?
  3. Gummibeer

    Your limits

    This thread is about something most try to get around - your limits. Most time you talk about what you've achieved in live, what you are good in, which trophies you've won ... But nearly no one likes to talk about what he's unable to do. But why is it good/important for your well-being? There...
  4. Gummibeer

    Beta Testing node.js Weblyse

    After the amount of pages grows and I don't have to care about hosting anymore, thanks Netlify, my focus got to things like more accessibility, seo and so on. Because testing all pages manually across all the tools out there I've started to create a little script that automates this. Yesterday...
  5. Gummibeer

    Help Wanted Custom proxy cache content delivery

    To reduce my netlify traffic I would like to use a custom proxy cache for larger files that aren't accessed this often. Like portfolio PDFs and other download stuff - possibly also proxy images.weserv.nl My question is: does anyone have an idea how to do it best? As webserver I've thought about...
  6. Gummibeer

    Third party/services tech stack

    Because I always find new cool third party tools to do something I would like to know which services you use in your projects? So I don't mean your self hosted tools but the services/SaaS you use to get things done. My one gets longer right now because I switch more to static sites, serverless...
  7. Gummibeer

    Domain redirect with static sites

    Atm I switch several projects from my own VPS to static site hosting like GH pages and netlify. A lot of them are available from multiple domains. Not only the www.xyz but also really different domains only bought for multiple links or kept from history. In netlify I can assign the domains to...
  8. Gummibeer

    Global GameJam 2020

    Hey all, who's interested in game development? Yes, the important word is interested! - you don't have to work in it Yes, everyone you is needed to create a game is required! - designer, developer, musicer/audioengineer/voice, project manager/owner, story teller/writer ... Yes, it's okay to be...
  9. Gummibeer

    Resource generators for legal texts

    After/during Help Wanted - Founding SaaS I started searching for solutions to get legal texts without paying a lawyer thousands of dollars. Here are some results I found and would be happy to find more. :) The flags infront of the links should represent the country they cover. 🌍 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🇺🇸 GDPR...
  10. Gummibeer

    Help Wanted Founding SaaS

    Hey, I've no idea if anyone could help here but I still try.^^ Has anyone experience in founding a SaaS company? I'm a bit scared because of all the regulations and the financial risk (not the servers or anything but taxes and law regulations including fines. Everything sounds this complicated...
  11. Gummibeer

    Structured data - schema.org

    Today I've added ld+json structured data to Astrotomic https://search.google.com/structured-data/testing-tool/u/0/#url=https%3A%2F%2Fastrotomic.info%2F Do you use structured data? To be honest, even if I maintain spatie/schema-org I've nearly no experience how schema.org should be used. 😂
  12. Gummibeer

    🍃 Sustainable hosting

    I've already checked the three big players and it seems like Google is the most sustainable - since years. They have already reached what the others still have on their timeline. But do you know any other? Should an energy/sustainability/carbon report become mandatory for digital companies and...
  13. Gummibeer

    GitHub actions

    Hey, is there one who already knows the best way how to use GitHub actions? I've created a workflow that works - but I would like to know if this is a good solution or if it should/could get improved? This is how my Workflow looks like...
  14. Gummibeer

    "public" blog

    I believe that a lot of us have something to share but don't want to create a blog for 1-2 articles or because they don't have the time to host one!? How about a webwide hosted blog where all members can publish. I would think about a review process to categorize/tag them all properly and...
  15. Gummibeer

    15min break every hour

    Has anyone ever done this 15min break every hour while playing videogames? 🤔 I've just seen this screen and know that I won't do a break for the next 4hours. 😂
  16. Gummibeer

    Use (weserv) CDN for images

    Atm all images are embedded via the link that was entered. Depending on the used service the loading times are very very very different. A CDN that's a caching layer in the middle would solve this. A free service would be Image cache & resize service which is powered by the "endless" performance...
  17. Gummibeer


    I already had some ideas which could/should be solved in a Microservice. So how about some kind of API to retrieve posts and send one. Usecases could be the thread social image or the introduction welcome bot. These services could be developed OpenSource, run on separated machines and provide...
  18. Gummibeer

    In Progress General statistics/polls area

    We already have some ever lasting polls for common things: webserver, smartphone ... Would be great if these polls get there own area (not category - or in addition). The idea is to answer all polls in a row. Without entering all the threads. And some pie charts would also be funny^^
  19. Gummibeer

    Thread recommendations in introduction threads

    I've tried something here: https://webwide.io/threads/happy-to-be-here-greetings-from-ireland.341/post-2200 No idea if it's wanted but there is an alert after registration to post in the introduction category. Most ones use some common keywords we already have a thread about. Would be cool if...
  20. Gummibeer

    Image lazy loading

    https://web.dev/native-lazy-loading Does anyone see a way for a polyfill? The only way I see is to parse user agent on server side and deliver different HTML!? The problem I see is that JS lazy loading is based on attribute replacement but the browser one uses a regular IMG tag with an...