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  1. Sharkie

    UI Daily use sites, tools and assets for the designers in one place.

    I'm 110% behind this idea, having everything in one place is just so convenient! I actually made a resources site for myself, to replace my bookmarks bar. I made it hideously colourful, but it's made finding other sites so much easier! Link:
  2. Sharkie

    The WebWide Paycheck is judging me...

    I've been horrendously bad at keeping up my regular visits, it's kinda fun that it's just there like "hi, yes, you finally remembered me did you?" Also oooo now that sounds fun and exciting.
  3. Sharkie

    The WebWide Paycheck is judging me...

    Look, I know I'm not around here often enough. But I just opened the page and I think I had 8 notifications for the daily paycheck? Jeez, WebWide, I don't need that shade. 😅 (I'm joking, because I think it's a lovely idea, but damn does it make me feel bad for not visiting.)
  4. Sharkie

    I would appreciate your look on my UX/UI related instagram profile.

    Absolutely everything that Gummibeer just said - once you discover who you want to attract, go after that and post things that attract that market. And always remember to be yourself on Instagram - I'm always a fan of people who show some humanity, whether it's in captions, in the pictures or...
  5. Sharkie

    Roast my landing page (WP for Developers)

    Yeah, I'll agree with everyone and say it is a bitttt wordy. I feel like more creative uses of images/graphics would break up the wall of text a bit more, and it could maybe be cut down slightly to be less HEY HERE'S EVERYTHING. Currently, it looks more like a blog post than a landing page...
  6. Sharkie

    Hiya Everyone

    Heyo, nice to have more Canucks around here! That sounds like an interesting position, what kinda web-related things are you most interested/experience in?
  7. Sharkie

    Now Live I made a portfolio webpage inspired by Twitter UI

    Oh my god that CSS art is gorgeous!! I love it. 🥰 And I also love the Portfolio page, it's generally neat idea to have it look like a twitter thread. And you did a great job recreating that!
  8. Sharkie

    Offering Mentorship Design/Front End helper, at your service!

    Hi everyone! You've probably seen me popping around these forums here and there, but what I am outside of my random comments and giggles is a UI/UX Designer and Front End Web Developer! And I also really like trying to help people. If you ever have a question about design, HTML/CSS/JavaScript...
  9. Sharkie

    Hello, I'm looking for coding buddies.

    Give me a shout if you're ever stuck then, I'd be happy to help!
  10. Sharkie

    Hello, I'm looking for coding buddies.

    Wait I didn't realize this was a thing, ooooo I totally will!
  11. Sharkie

    Hello, I'm looking for coding buddies.

    You'll find some lovely coding buddies around here! I haven't used PHP/SQL in a while, but if you have any questions about HTML/CSS/any of the above, I'll gladly try and help you muddle through it!
  12. Sharkie

    🎂 Webwide turns 1! What's new and what's next?

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEBWIDE So young, with so much potential. Cheers to many more birthdays to come. 🍻
  13. Sharkie

    Now Live Cheap k-cups that taste okay

    I honestly really like the restaurant menu style look of the site, and the concept it great! Pictures might be a nice way to jazz it up, but I can't think of a way to do it and still keep the menu vibe...
  14. Sharkie

    🎉 Welcome to Webwide V2!

  15. Sharkie

    🐼 Gummibeer is now a Moderator

    Oooo look at you all fancy and moderator-y @Gummibeer ! Use this new power wisely. 😅 (But nah, seriously, you're a great choice for it, be nice to me plz)
  16. Sharkie

    🛫 When you browse Instagram and find former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott's passport number

    This post is such an interesting read, glad it ended up well for the author and everyone else involved!
  17. Sharkie

    ☕️ What are you working on this week? [Sep 14th 2020]

    Ooo I love the idea of making this a weekly thing. Maybe it'll remind me to pop in here more often. 😅 I'm trying to get back into doing web things after my motivation hit rock bottom and I've been so exhausted. So I'm working on my Super Secret new blog post thing that's gonna take me AGES to...
  18. Sharkie

    Font Families with sans and serif and multiple weights

    Ooooo you know, I'm definitely not upset about it. 😂
  19. Sharkie

    From the inside of my truck while I travel full-time, hello Webwide!

    Hey Tyler, welcome! Sounds like such an interesting life, too bad COVID-19 had to happen and disrupt it. Those pictures are gorgeous!!
  20. Sharkie

    Font Families with sans and serif and multiple weights

    Yeah, I'm always really off and on with Open Sans, sometimes it works and sometimes it absolutely does not.