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    Simple javascript

    I don't know js, but I'm trying to figure out a simple text replacement on content that is loaded from an iframe. Within the iframe there's a .campaign class I'm trying to select the contents of each campaign div, find a dash '-' and remove it. I tried the following and it doesn't seem to...
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    Does anyone know what full page menu system this wordpress site is using?

    I really like the full page scrollable mega menu this site uses and want to use it in one of my sites. Does anyone know if it's an off the shelf mega menu for wordpress or bundled in any particular theme?
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    How to bypass XenForo permission for a single page?

    I'm working on a member only site for a friend. All registrations must be manually approved so he can assign them to specific usergroups before they get access to the site. So what I've done is removed the 'View' permission for the 'Registered' usergroup and required all members be manually...
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    How to increase time before XenForo reaction box dissapears on mouse off

    How can I figure out where to edit the time delay before the reaction box dissapears in XF? I find it dissapears too quickly. I'm sure it's just a time value in a .js file somewhere, but I'm not sure how to use the inspector to figure that out. Any ideas? Thanks
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    How to remove this tooltip?

    I don't really know js at all, and I can't figure out how to get ride of this weird looking tooltip. Can anyone please advise? It's from the tag cloud on this page Sax at Seventy - Sax Bandits