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    Now Live Cheap k-cups that taste okay

    I just launched my latest side project, (! I aggregate data on k-cup pods and provide you with a nice menu selection to choose from. It was a fun project. Excited to see what you all think!
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    Now Live Relaunch!

    Hello all! I hope you’re all doing well during this pandemic. I let my past project,, become stagnant over the past few months (I’m sure you understand — quarantine life required some adjusting), but now I’ve completely re-engineered it! This project aggregates product listings...
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    Relational database shoutout

    In a world of people talking nosql and blockchain, I’d like to give a shoutout to relational databases. Thanks for continuing to be easy to use, easy to manage, and easy to understand.
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    WordPress Plug-in Development

    Has anyone developed their own Wordpress plugin and released it to the public? If so, any good resources or pieces of advice to pass along? To branch out with my recent projects, I’ve thought about releasing widgets that people can include on their blogs that feature the lowest prices on Amazon...
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    Amazon Product Advertising API

    Has anyone been working with the new 5.0 version of Amazon’s Product Advertising API? I’m using their python example project that I then heavily modified, but wow, I feel like their resources are extremely lacking! I’m so used to boto — a nice wrapper in Python that is so easy to use with great...
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    Domain name generator recommendations?

    I love a good domain name generator. I’ve used a few, and I know there are lots more out there, so what are your go-tos? I’d especially love to hear of any that emphasis alliteration or rhyming. Thank you!
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    Any worthwhile Fiverr gigs?

    Has anyone had luck with using a Fiverr gig (which seems so affordable) to boost their SEO and overall traffic?
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    Now Live New project:

    I just had a second child, and so I took what I learned from and created! Turns out that buying in bulk is not always the best deal, so I find the best deal for each brand/size of diaper for you! What do you think? Any ideas on how to market it and get recurring...
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    Launching on Hacker News tomorrow... Any advice?

    Hello again! I think I’m finally ready to do a “Show HN” tomorrow and officially launch my website,! I’m sure many of you have already done that step, so I was wondering... Any last minute advice? Thanks for the help!
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    Marketing strategy help

    Hi, I’m hoping someone will have some tips. I’m struggling with keeping some momentum going with my latest project. Visitors are dwindling, and I’m not sure what I should try next. My target market is people who are interested in saving money on Amazon. And I suppose anyone who happens to buy...
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    Hi! I’m happy to join you all here. I saw this new idea of a website pop up, and I’m happy to be an early member! Currently, I’m working on a new website idea of mine, called! I realized that buying in bulk on Amazon requires more strategy than you’d initially realize... Sometimes...