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    Now Live Cheap k-cups that taste okay

    They will! But I’m concerned about the clutter. My aim was to make it look like a restaurant menu of sorts. Any design suggestions to help incorporate images? (They are currently displayed on the detail page of each kcup item.)
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    Now Live Cheap k-cups that taste okay

    I just launched my latest side project, (! I aggregate data on k-cup pods and provide you with a nice menu selection to choose from. It was a fun project. Excited to see what you all think!
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    Free content for your website, no hassle

    Does this negatively impact SEO?
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    Now Live Relaunch!

    Just for now, @Mike Rees.
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    Now Live Relaunch!

    Hello all! I hope you’re all doing well during this pandemic. I let my past project,, become stagnant over the past few months (I’m sure you understand — quarantine life required some adjusting), but now I’ve completely re-engineered it! This project aggregates product listings...
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    👨‍⚖️ Facebook sues Namecheap

    Have they? I have not been impressed with their response to misinformation and manipulation. Twitter has been more proactive and willing to address these issues than Facebook.
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    👨‍⚖️ Facebook sues Namecheap

    I’ve been using Namecheap since 1983. They’re the best.
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    Amazon Product Advertising API

    “Those guys” are... your company?
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    Hello my friends......

    Hello! Welcome!
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    Relational database shoutout

    In a world of people talking nosql and blockchain, I’d like to give a shoutout to relational databases. Thanks for continuing to be easy to use, easy to manage, and easy to understand.
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    WordPress Plug-in Development

    Has anyone developed their own Wordpress plugin and released it to the public? If so, any good resources or pieces of advice to pass along? To branch out with my recent projects, I’ve thought about releasing widgets that people can include on their blogs that feature the lowest prices on Amazon...
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    Domain name generator recommendations?

    Oh nice! How do I get on that list? Always looking for inspiration for new projects. Domain names seem to do it for me. Thanks for the other suggestions too. Will check those out.
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    Amazon Product Advertising API

    Has anyone been working with the new 5.0 version of Amazon’s Product Advertising API? I’m using their python example project that I then heavily modified, but wow, I feel like their resources are extremely lacking! I’m so used to boto — a nice wrapper in Python that is so easy to use with great...
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    Domain name generator recommendations?

    I love a good domain name generator. I’ve used a few, and I know there are lots more out there, so what are your go-tos? I’d especially love to hear of any that emphasis alliteration or rhyming. Thank you!
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    Would you support a .COM price increase?

    I think domain squatters would still pay 70% more. Maybe they’d let a few expire, but an increase won’t release squatters’ grip on the truly good domain names. They just happen to be squatting on a lot of junk domains right now, too. Domain squatters are the worst.
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    👩‍🎨 Neumorphism 2020 Web Design Trend

    It reminds me of the late 90s, early 2000s, where everyone was beveling their edges and following the same Photoshop tutorials.
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    How to deal with making mistakes

    When I make mistakes on projects or work-related matters, I try to put things in perspective. Nobody died, nobody lost their home. The end result was very inconsequential. It seemed like a big deal to me, but it had no lasting impact on anyone else, and they may not have even noticed! As a...
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    Google Chrome to block insecure downloads starting this spring

    Sounds like a great idea to me. I think we’ve finally realized that we can’t leave it totally up to the end-user to be safe and secure. More layers of protection need to happen automatically. I’m somewhat surprised this hasn’t been done sooner, but I suppose HTTPS has only risen to prominence...
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    Any worthwhile Fiverr gigs?

    Has anyone had luck with using a Fiverr gig (which seems so affordable) to boost their SEO and overall traffic?