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  1. Evan

    PHP wiki/knowledgebase for internal documentation

    We used this on Wordpress site using Basic Layout – Demo 1 here Basic Layout – Demo 2 here Tabs Layout – Demo 3 here (Multi Product Example) Tabs Layout – Demo 4 here (Multi Product Example)
  2. Evan

    Icons/Illustrations Free Art / Icons
  3. Evan

    ☕️ What are you working on this week? [Sep 14th 2020]

    A few websites I'm working on at the moment: A website where users can customize and purchase grave markers. I'm ready to throw in the towel due to so many issues and complications, and it has only recently gotten worse after the client sent over a 13 sheet excel document full of price...
  4. Evan

    Ruttl in open beta Currently limited to just 3 projects. Doesn't seem to like Wordpress websites at the moment, so mostly useless for my agency unfortunately. Hope they can flesh it out throughout beta.
  5. Evan

    IT/Development exhaustion

    I am employed. Honestly I know it sounds dramatic, but this project pushed me to the point where I started updating my resume and looked at other places for employment. It wasn't the sole reason; there are a number of things that add up to make work frustrating, but it was the tipping point...
  6. Evan

    IT/Development exhaustion

    I've been feeling like this for a while, mainly due to a specific project. It sucks when you spend a lot of time working on something, and you end up fighting it rather than make actual progress. Realizing it's time to find a better tool also sucks because that means you're back to square one...
  7. Evan


    When Lorem Ipsum just isn't cutting it, go with Jeffsum.
  8. Evan

    Dark Mode / Light Mode toggles

    These seem to be popping up quite frequently. I know they've existed for quite a few years, but within the past few months they've gotten a lot of attention. Do you think these should be standard on websites in the future? Have you added them to any websites...
  9. Evan


    Inkscape 1.0 just released and it's pretty neat. More polished tracing tool, xray mode, new mockup tools, etc. Plus I'm always happy to see a program natively support dark mode :) Brief rundown of latest features (skip to 2m mark): As for how often I work with vectors, professionally not a...
  10. Evan


    I'm currently using Inkscape for vector stuff and am overall happy with it. Mainly looking at a Photoshop replacement, though I'm not opposed to changing to Affinity for vector tools as well.
  11. Evan


    Has anyone used any of Affinity products? If so, thoughts on it as a replacement for Photoshop and/or Illustrator?
  12. Evan

    Icons/Illustrations Free Art / Icons

    My collection of websites over time: Art Icons
  13. Evan

    The 2020 Desktop Experience

    I'm about to lead a revolution to bring back 'proper' desktop designs.
  14. Evan

    🖼 Apple to bring WebP support to Safari with iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur

    This works:
  15. Evan


    I doubt anyone would use this to display important information. At least, I hope not...
  16. Evan

  17. Evan

    Good footer examples?

    Anyone recently stumble upon a footer they really liked, or was a bit outside the box?
  18. Evan

    Looking to incorporate a 3D viewer into a quote form.

    I'm working on a (Wordpress) website that will allow the user fill out a quote form and uploaded a 3D model, and the client wants this 3D model to show in the form itself (why the user needs to see their own 3D model is a bit of a mystery, but hey it's what the client wants). I've found a few...
  19. Evan

    Rough Notation - create and animate annotations on a web page