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  1. VickiLanger

    Now Live Trivia for Coders

    Hi 👋🏻 Two weeks ago I had an idea and did a little customer development, via a twitter poll. Most of the feedback was positive. So, I made a Twitter bot that tweets code-related questions 4 times a day. The goal is for coders to have fun & meet other devs while learning and helping each other...
  2. VickiLanger


    What better way is there to learn than by doing? So, I built pong. I've had a hard time understanding how to break down programs into smaller chunks. So, this really helped me understand a bit more about how to do that. Specifically, this script is broken down to screen, score, paddle_a...
  3. VickiLanger

    What are your go to colors?

    Do you have default colors you use? What are they? If I didn't ask toooooo many questions yet, why those colors? Here are mine: Makes a nice small background and feels confortable Contrasts nicely with the blue and adds a little excitement Main background color so it's not aggressively...
  4. VickiLanger

    Monospaced Font

    What's your preferred monospaced font? I'm a fan of Sometype and Fira. I like that they are easy to read and don't have all the serif craziness of some others. (Mods: I left this...
  5. VickiLanger

    Looking for Blog/Site CMS

    I really looooove the look and feel of Ghost, but can't justify the $30/month or setting it up myself. I'd like a place to showcase the few things I've written and some projects I've done. Do you have any suggestions? What I ❤ about Ghost: easy beautiful templating default design to have the...
  6. VickiLanger

    Lie To Us

    Ok, the game is simple. Give 3 statements about yourself, 2 truths and 1 lie. Your job is to identify which is the lie. Rules Do not offend anyone Quote the statements when giving your guess Explain why you think it’s a lie Have fun! Use will look like this: To start, here’s my...
  7. VickiLanger

    Pycon US 2020

    Is anyone planning to go to Pycon US 2020? Has anyone submitted proposals? Rate Cost (early reg/late reg) Corporate $550/$700 Individual $350/$400 Student $100/$125 Tutorials $150/$200 each (separate from conference ticket $$)
  8. VickiLanger

    Beta Testing In Search of (iso) Jobs

    So, I've had an idea to flip job searching backward. I think job seekers should list themselves available for whatever job(s) they are looking for. Then businesses should be able to look at a list or map of people that already said they can do these jobs and reach out to them. Anyway, here's a...
  9. VickiLanger

    Now Live Homeless Pets in WS, NC

    I was working on a spreadsheet for a job application with a no code business. They use glideapps, so I played with that to make it live. It’s nothing fancy. I manually input the data. Here’s the finished product. You’re welcome to play and add animals looking for homes If I were to build this...
  10. VickiLanger

    Laptop stickers: Show em off

    What stickers do you have on your laptop? If you don’t have any, feel free to share your favorite stickers that you have hoarded away.
  11. VickiLanger

    Rules to Stick to: My observations about stickers

    Last week, I attended All Things Open and made a post about it here. I managed to pick up A LOT of stickers. I mean, who would walk through a building with 100s of booths and not score some swag? Anyway, what I noticed is that some stickers just didn't do their job and others were amazing. As...
  12. VickiLanger

    List Repetition

    I’ve been taking a beginner python class to help cement what I already know and fill in the gaps of what I don’t know. Tonight, we learned about data structures. The instructor mentioned that you can multiply lists. Like, some_list * 5 Can someonehelp me out with an example of how you could...
  13. VickiLanger

    Planned/In Progress Cursor hopping around?

    When typing my cursor seems to jump around the text box. I believe it just jumps to the front. For now, it seems random. If I notice anything more specific I'll add it. I thought it was just how the site works from my home screen on my phone, but it's doing it still on my computer.
  14. VickiLanger

    I'm Gonna be Open w/ You: What I Learned at the All Things Open conference

    Earlier this week, I went to the All Things Open conference in Raleigh, NC. My goal was to meet people and learn new things, but I could never have prepared for the things I learned. As a new person in tech and a first-time conference-goer T-shirts, hoodies, shorts, and other casual clothing...
  15. VickiLanger

    Feedback on my Landing page

    Would you mind taking a look at my landing page and giving some feedback? Landing Page
  16. VickiLanger

    Xenforo for other things?

    If xenForo is for forums, are there similar things for other services?
  17. VickiLanger

    Which CSS framework (if any) do you use?

    what’s your go to CSS framework? What do you like about it? What would you change about it? Is there a CSS framework that you dislike? For fun, check out NES.css and PaperCSS
  18. VickiLanger

    Reminded That I don't like Front End stuff

    Today, I kinda have a landing page up. But my links don't work right. It's kinda ugly. It's pretty boring. It gets the point across, I think.
  19. VickiLanger

    Solved Link text formatting

    It would be helpful if inline links were visible. I think right now they just look like regular text.
  20. VickiLanger

    Hi, I'm Vicki

    👋 Hi! I'm Vicki. My background is in business and operations management. Owning my own business has always been my plan. I ended up having an issue when doing that, so I moved on to another business idea. So, here I am, building Statalog (link totally doesn't work) because I needed it. This is...