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  1. Evan

    Ruttl in open beta Currently limited to just 3 projects. Doesn't seem to like Wordpress websites at the moment, so mostly useless for my agency unfortunately. Hope they can flesh it out throughout beta.
  2. Evan


    When Lorem Ipsum just isn't cutting it, go with Jeffsum.
  3. Evan

    Dark Mode / Light Mode toggles

    These seem to be popping up quite frequently. I know they've existed for quite a few years, but within the past few months they've gotten a lot of attention. Do you think these should be standard on websites in the future? Have you added them to any websites...
  4. Evan


    Has anyone used any of Affinity products? If so, thoughts on it as a replacement for Photoshop and/or Illustrator?
  5. Evan

    Icons/Illustrations Free Art / Icons

    My collection of websites over time: Art Icons
  6. Evan

    The 2020 Desktop Experience

    I'm about to lead a revolution to bring back 'proper' desktop designs.
  7. Evan

  8. Evan

    Good footer examples?

    Anyone recently stumble upon a footer they really liked, or was a bit outside the box?
  9. Evan

    Looking to incorporate a 3D viewer into a quote form.

    I'm working on a (Wordpress) website that will allow the user fill out a quote form and uploaded a 3D model, and the client wants this 3D model to show in the form itself (why the user needs to see their own 3D model is a bit of a mystery, but hey it's what the client wants). I've found a few...
  10. Evan

    Rough Notation - create and animate annotations on a web page
  11. Evan

    Browser tools to enhance web dev / design?

    What browser add-ons / extensions does everyone use to aid them in web development / design? I use ColorZilla to quickly grab color codes and look at a website's color palette Gyazo for quick screenshots and uploading Tab Notes - not really specific to web dev / design, but it's very useful. I...
  12. Evan

    Self-referencing scripts?

    Within the past 2 days our server has been having some issues with server load. Accessing either the front or the back-end of any of our 200+ Wordpress sites typically results in a 503. There will be a few brief moments where server load is fine and everything works dandy, but it's usually...
  13. Evan

    Client horror stories?

    Well it's October, so I guess there's no better time to share a few client horror stories you've been through over the years. Whether they butchered a perfectly good design, constantly changed their mind throughout the project, or were incredibly nit-picky over every single pixel location, I'm...
  14. Evan

    What project management software do you use?

    At my job it's a bit of a mixed bag since we were previously our own company and used Baescamp, then merged with another company that uses Clients & Profits, which will eventually be replaced by Advantage in November. Overall Basecamp is great if all you need it for is project management. They...
  15. Evan

    Wordpress developers & designers - check in

    How do you use Wordpress? Do you create themes from scratch? Do you use page builders such as Divi, Elementor, Avada, Beaver Builder, etc? What are your go-to plugins?