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  1. Lee

    Creating a widget for xenforo 2.1

    Does anybody here have any guidance or instruction on how to create a new widget to be use on xenforo, specifically 2.1? I want the widget to take list of online users and display only the users viewing each specific node. IE, if I am viewing node 3, show in the online list only users viewing...
  2. Lee

    Questions about modernising a theme....

    I have ported a theme I made in approx 2009 to xenForo, but it is looking a little dated. I would like to keep along similar lines, but am struggling to find ways to make the theme appear more moden. Does anybody have any suggestions?
  3. Lee

    Tweaked xenforo style...

    I have tweaked the xenforo default theme slightly to suit my niche. Was wondering if anybody had any feedback on how to add some colour to the theme to better suit my niche. Trying to stay reletively clist to default for ease of upgrade.
  4. Lee


    I'm Lee, im 32 years old. Found this community on xenforo and liked what I saw, so joined up.