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  1. Adam

    Desert island apps

    I’m sure you have probably heard of desert island discs, where you pick 5 discs (records/albums) you would want to have with you stuck on a desert island for the rest of your days. What about with apps/websites? Let’s assume you’ve got WiFi, a device of your choice and power and for some...
  2. Adam

    What would we call citizens of Webwide??

  3. Adam

    San from byanexpert.com

    Welcome San! Feel free to post your services in our marketplace forum when you launch. Best of luck! Looking forward to seeing more from you. 🙂
  4. Adam

    object-oriented programming in php

    If the project calls for it! Not every simple script needs to be OOP. I think it makes it more sense for complex and growing projects. If it’s something I can do in less than 200 lines of code in a simpler way then no. A great thing about PHP is that it can be written in functional, OOP and...
  5. Adam

    Kim from JsonGrid.com

    Welcome Kim! Useful looking site. Added to my bookmarks and in the queue to add to my site Hoard.fyi | Curated tools & resources for web designers, developers & makers – in a nutshell. Feel free to post it in the Project Showcase where more people will hopefully find it. 😄
  6. Adam

    Now Live Responsive + Modern Portfolio Site

    Great structure and content! I think it would really benefit from a nice sans-serif type. The font feels like it’s broken and losing a default serif to me. The diagonal menu is quite janky on mobile. The star ratings are also a bit confusing and would probably benefit from lanes such as...
  7. Adam

    Launching on Hacker News tomorrow... Any advice?

    Have you done Product Hunt yet? That could be great for you! Best to prepare that one well with a video and animated icon and get a popular hunter to do it for you (so all their followers get an email notification). Chris is the most popular Hunter and accepts applications to post yours: Hunt...
  8. Adam

    Critique my CV site

    Hi @zadquieljlp! Welcome to Webwide. 😄 Great start on your site. The first things that I think of are: Experiment with different text colours and sizes so the blocks of text are not all just black same size text, work on some visual hierarchy Remove the ‘skill bars’ as they are confusing and...
  9. Adam

    Launching on Hacker News tomorrow... Any advice?

    #4 on the Show tab! Are you seeing many clicks? The link for anybody here that would like to check it out: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=21481379
  10. Adam

    Web Summit 2019 - Review

    Great write up @kgx! Looks incredible. Huge crowd! What was your favourite bit? Thanks so much @Gummibeer for offering that out. 😄
  11. Adam

    Lie To Us

  12. Adam

    Launching on Hacker News tomorrow... Any advice?

    Politely ask a few HN-using friends to check out your post as soon as you launch, the early traction is what really helps. Asking for upvotes is against their rules, but if you post the link here when you launch and some of us happen to have accounts and enjoy reading your post then... 😉 I'd...
  13. Adam

    Lie To Us

    Absolutely! Particularly fingers getting chopped off. Can you handle the truth? Click 👇 (tw: xray)
  14. Adam

    Lie To Us

    Wrong again! That leaves just one left for the astute reader. 😆 I'm going to go with 3 simply because it seems the most non-specific. However, remind me not to get on your bad side if #1 is in fact true.
  15. Adam

    Critique my personal website

    Thank you very much @Gummibeer! Great feedback. The freelance page was designed at the time to appeal more to agencies and web teams that I do quite a lot of work with (rather than direct to customer) who would be interested in the tech stack. You are right that it can definitely be slimmed down...
  16. Adam

    Critique my personal website

    Hi! About time my personal website had a little refresh. I'd love your thoughts on where it stands currently to help me guide what I should be focusing on. 😄 My first thoughts are some new colour & type work, ditch the darkened photos as they are feeling a bit drab, add a better hero to the...
  17. Adam

    What are your go to colors?

    I'm a fan of this palette, aptly named the 'British Palette'. I have it bookmarked as a quick go-to for some basic colours for mockups etc. 😄 https://flatuicolors.com/palette/gb
  18. Adam

    Monospaced Font

    I've been using Menlo for a very long time and never really felt the need to change! I am personally not a fan of the fancy ligatures some trendy ones have as I think they add confusion. I like how clean and simple Menlo is. It ships as a default monospace font on macOS.
  19. Adam

    Lie To Us

    I can tell you neither of you got mine right. 😅
  20. Adam

    🎃 Webwide Monthly Update: October 2019

    Thanks so much everyone! Is there anything else you’d like to know? I thought about moderator actions eg. Threads removed/accounts banned (just the number, not calling anyone out!). In October, 2 accounts have been banned and 1 thread has been deleted. All of these were filed under ‘spam’. No...