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Search results

  1. v1rtl

    Promote WebWide

    While there is an awesome ref system in webwide there is still a very small amount of users. I created this thread to discuss ideas about how to make Webwide more popular among IT community. Does anyone have ideas of promoting Webwide?
  2. v1rtl

    Development Komfy – secure social network for people

    Komfy is a secure, open source social network which aim is to be a place where people can share and publish content without being tracked. While being non profit, it will still have revenue with sponsor posts. Website: Komfy 🔐 GitHub: Komfy Telegram: Komfy 🔐 Twitter: v1rtl ✨ (@v1rtl) on Twitter...
  3. v1rtl

    Now Live go-web-app – Quickly setup Go frontend apps

    I wrote a CLI that helps you to get started with WebAssembly and Go. It has commands for running a dev server and packaging the app. https://github.com/talentlessguy/go-web-app
  4. v1rtl

    Use client side router instead of server side.

    It is better to use client side router so browsing in Webwide will be smooth and comfortable. Now we have to wait until each page to load which is not very awesome because it is a bit annoying. The solution to this problem is using JavaScript-based client side routing. There are some...
  5. v1rtl

    Hi, I'm v 1 r t l

    ├── whoami │ ├── I'm a 15 yo junior fullstack web dev, lead dev and manager in Komfy (komfy.now.sh) │ └── Besides coding I like writing articles, drawing designs, customizing my Linux and procrastinating on Reddit ├── devstack │ ├── frontend │ │ └── TypeScript, JavaScript, React...