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  1. 27leaves

    Ah, found it ;)...

    Ah, found it ;) https://webwide.io/threads/where-would-you-send-a-customer-with-little-budget-looking-for-their-own-website.317/#post-2123
  2. 27leaves

    Hi fellow webwiders! I'm searching for a thread where you guys discussed something about how to...

    Hi fellow webwiders! I'm searching for a thread where you guys discussed something about how to do work for clients with little budget. I can't find it right now. Can someone remember? ;) Thanks!
  3. 27leaves

    Happy new year! 🎉

    Happy new year! 🎉 🎉
  4. 27leaves

    Let's talk about Terminals

    Same here 😅
  5. 27leaves

    Now Live How "move fast and break things" almost killed our startup on arrival.

    Really interesting! I already recommended your service twice 😉
  6. 27leaves

    Daily success!

    That's really awesome 👍👍 My success for today: Yesterday I committed myself with a friend that we both write 1000 words for our master thesises. We both managed to do it and I even made 3 graphics to illustrate it better. Now I have about 4 to 5 pages more 🎉🎉
  7. 27leaves

    VISION 2020+ - Personal Identity

    The story is really nice! I like how the logo developed and the process. Also most of the other stages of the logo looked really nice! Well done! And maybe in a few years people will say "Hey, this browser Logo looks a lot like OddParadox!" 😅
  8. 27leaves

    Which password manager do you use?

    I have 1password, payed for the old 1time fee model and haven't updated to subscription. Now I'm trying to find new solutions because brave browser needs the new version. Thanks for this thread 😉
  9. 27leaves

    VISION 2020+ - Personal Identity

    Looks cool for a digital agency or web designing thingy! What's your idea behind it? What kind of services do you want to provide? I also had the Firefox thought ;)
  10. 27leaves

    Digital Afterlife

    Really interesting topic! I also remember a service (I think from Germany) that wanted to solve that problem. I just did a quick search and found the following article: Preparing a Digital Will for Your Passwords - The LastPass Blog. Apparently the password manager LastPass thought of this and...
  11. 27leaves

    AMP anyone?

    I'm really not well-informed about AMP, but just found this article about it. How to fight back against Google AMP as a web user and a web developer – Marko Saric What's your opinion about it? Will it rank higher in search results and therefore webdevs are more willing to use it?
  12. 27leaves

    Thoughts on the JAMstack?

    Yes! I'm just on the hype and mainly because it is the fault of webwide 😅
  13. 27leaves

    [December 2019] Shoutbox Archive

    I just see this chat for the first time bcs. usually I open webwide on mobile ;)
  14. 27leaves

    👋 Personal Site Megathread

    I really like the websites presented here! Mine is Strange but exciting. It is a little blog that I started (and ended) 2 years ago. Also, it's a wordpress template. It was a very quick I-need-to-bring-a-blog-to-life thing 😉. I'm currently trying to figure out how my next website should look...
  15. 27leaves


  16. 27leaves

    Daily success!

    It sounds really really nice! The quality of the file in the cdbaby preview is not that good... Is it the CDbaby compression?
  17. 27leaves

    Real time chat

    I voted no because I wouldn't use it and I enjoy the forum experience and then I'd have FOMO all the time 😅
  18. 27leaves

    Daily success!

    Regarding to web sites, I'm kinda old-school. Starting out with Dreamweaver, passing by Typo3 and of course Wordpress I'm really up for trying static website generator. To be honest, Webwide is the reason for waking my interest in it 😉 So my success today is setting up a basic gatsby page with...
  19. 27leaves

    Now Live Responsive + Modern Portfolio Site

    It's about personas, not personal websites ;)