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Search results

  1. Dominic

    A Google Drive Story

    So I wanted to delete my Google Drive Bin (50 giga) ... two days later there are still 13 giga in it 🤣
  2. Dominic

    What do you think about my newest client website (music and poetry)?

    Check it out here It's close to be finished (there is some content missing, for example a page about his CD). My client Klaus is a Slam Poet and Musician (Guitar and singing). Static Page Generator: Dada Static Page Generator (custom) Typeface: Overpass CMS: Netlify CMS
  3. Dominic


    Hey there Is someone a member of Lobsters (Lobsters) and would be so nice to invite me? Cheers
  4. Dominic

    Email Hosting: Recommendations?

    Dear Webwide I have a customer, where I plan to host the website on Github Pages in combination with Netlify CMS. So I need a separate solution for Email. How/Where would you recommend to host Emails? Is self hosting a possibility? Thanks a lot for inputs! Dominic
  5. Dominic

    Inspiration Lists

    Since some some time, I collect things that inspire me. And put them into lists. Current version: dominiclooser.ch/inspiration Its in German, but most stuff should be understandable. Perhaps you feel inspired too. Or have some new ideas to add. But be aware, I'm picky ;)
  6. Dominic

    The Binary Truth

    Following a little stupid idea I had, I built this: thebinarytruth.com. I don't know what it is, see for yourself.
  7. Dominic

    Ergonomic Keyboard Recommondations

    Can anyone recommend an ergonomic keyboard? I'm working now on MacBook Air, but I have bought a rooster and would like to combine it with a ergonomic keyboard. I'm a bit afraid about the health of my hands.
  8. Dominic

    Hello! I'm Dominic

    Hello Webwide! My name is Dominic, I'm 38 and I live in Zurich/Switzerland. I'm a Mathematician per trade, but after quitting Science I do a lot of Webdev in the last few years. As I also like design and typography, building websites is a perfect combination of design, technology, marketing...