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Search results

  1. sfcgeorge

    🤔 Spaces after emojis in Google Chrome for Mac not working

    In Safari it looks perfect: In Chrome 81.0.4044.138 it looks like hot garbage, too small, too much space: Then in Chrome 83.0.4103.61 (just updated) they're still on the small side but correct spacing: Odd that you're seeing practically the opposite. I know Chrome does its own font...
  2. sfcgeorge

    What do you think about my newest client website (music and poetry)?

    It's nice and minimal but not boring 👍 ÜBER MICH: The image looks squashed. It's a little confusing having the navigation change place from the home page to the other pages. I do like the design of the home page though so perhaps don't change it.
  3. sfcgeorge

    The Music Thread

    I'm back onto my nonsense listening to various 8-bit chiptunes
  4. sfcgeorge

    Browser tools to enhance web dev / design?

    I use this basic CSS reload bookmarklet. You drag it into your bookmarks toolbar and when you click it all CSS on the page is reloaded. It's useful for local development when you've made CSS changes but refreshing the whole page is slow. CSS ↻...
  5. sfcgeorge

    Route/URL hijacking

    In Rails at least the order of routes determines priority, so put dynamic routes at the bottom. Personally I tend to keep things namespaced like /users/sfcgeorge but for more social sites users might not be happy with that. Could do Reddit style /u/sfcgeorge. Or I've seen some sites use...
  6. sfcgeorge

    👩‍🎨 Neumorphism 2020 Web Design Trend

    I like the look in theory but haven't seen a single implementation I thought was passable. The first issue is the hierarchy is all over the place. So much is outset with rounded corners that everything looks clickable. Boxes look like massive buttons. The design doesn't communicate the...
  7. sfcgeorge

    🔘 Circular text around an image with SVG

    Looking 🔥!
  8. sfcgeorge

    Webdev Injuries

    @xavier Nice! Pen tablets make great ergonomic "mice" too because the pen is vertical. Currently I use an Apple Magic Trackpad on low force setting propped up at an angle. I believe working on a laptop using a chair that was too low caused my issue initially. Inflammation around the vertebrae...
  9. sfcgeorge

    Webdev Injuries

    I also get terrible neck ache from bad posture but I haven't managed to fix that.
  10. sfcgeorge

    Webdev Injuries

    @xavier is exactly right about using your keyboard flat. The angling goes back to typewriter days, as does pretty much everything else about keyboard shape and layout. But it's the opposite of what you want ergonomically, the only benefit is you can see the letters more easily if you can't touch...
  11. sfcgeorge

    Lottery tickets in inventory

    I think it's gone completely 😅
  12. sfcgeorge

    Now Live I launched my portfolio website!

    Some nice improvements :)
  13. sfcgeorge

    Lottery tickets in inventory

    It's hard to tell whether you've purchased a lottery ticket for the week because it doesn't show on the lottery page or the inventory page. It would be nice if it showed on one of them. It does show on transaction history at least, just takes a bit of scrolling to find it.
  14. sfcgeorge

    New programmer on this forum

    Ooh you found this on GitHub, that's neat. Welcome :)
  15. sfcgeorge

    Now Live I launched my portfolio website!

    @Cory R And you're new to all this? I'm impressed :)
  16. sfcgeorge

    Now Live I launched my portfolio website!

    @Cory R Looks nice and minimal. I like the subtle use of red as a feature color. I'd get rid of the box shadow on your picture. Combined with the vignette it's too much. I'd tone down (make more transparent) the remaining shadows or remove them too, I used to overuse shadows and they can end...
  17. sfcgeorge

    ⬆️ Help us get featured in 10words.io

    I did the thing! Hadn't heard of 10words. Kinda seems like Product Hunt but less "omg look at this flashy thing haha we made 6 puns about it! yaaay emojis"
  18. sfcgeorge

    Now Live Randommer - Validate and generate random data

    That's pretty nice! I've used faker to generate random data in code, but I'll probably use this for generating random data for other uses. Only feedback I can think of is you could add a toggle to guarantee no duplicates.
  19. sfcgeorge

    Check your assumptions

    Googles "friend". What is friend? Is it on NPM... That's a different way to look at it, not making assumptions or minimising assumptions. The nuance is stepping back and looking at what assumptions you might have accidentally made. Like whether you're editing the right file in a large project...
  20. sfcgeorge

    Check your assumptions

    When starting out I'd often spend hours battling an infuriating bug, going deeper down rabbit holes with ever crazier theories of what could be wrong, changing things at random, etc. Then often I'd realise it was something simple like a constant value I'd mistyped which I had assumed was...