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Recent content by ZillieZephyr

  1. ZillieZephyr

    👩‍🎨 Neumorphism 2020 Web Design Trend

    I responded to his follow up article. He brings up some pretty good points as to why it shouldn't really be chocked up to more than a short trend.
  2. ZillieZephyr

    Favorite handoff tool?

    I was using Sketch Measure, but as you've mentioned, it's going to become irrelevant come the next few updates.
  3. ZillieZephyr

    🎁 It's Centered That | Test Your Designer Eye

    I kept screwing up anytime triangles came up, but I eventually got to 10. I normally look for the optical center of a triangle, rather than the point intersections.
  4. ZillieZephyr

    🏝 Desert island apps

    It's just that, using those all those services through a mobile browser tends to be a very clunky experience that I wouldn't recommend. Layering the native browser gestures on top of the gestures which are specific to each app gets really rough too.
  5. ZillieZephyr

    🏝 Desert island apps

    Eww why do you abuse yourself like this?
  6. ZillieZephyr

    🏝 Desert island apps

    Hmm. Probably gonna be: Reddit Youtube Instagram (so I can take sun tan selfies #DesertIslandLife) Brave Browser Die With Me
  7. ZillieZephyr

    What would we call citizens of Webwide??

    We could wait till someone starts calling us a name, then reclaim it for ourselves.
  8. ZillieZephyr

    JoyFreak's article page

    It's looking pretty good. I think now it's just a matter of getting some of your elements to align on the y-axis. The hamburger menu toggle should probably be hidden on desktop, and the logo aligning with the menu icons. I wonder why you have browser controls included in the navigation though...
  9. ZillieZephyr

    Development 🌬 Breathe Guide | Breathing Exercise Companion

    One other visualization could be a silhouette of a person, with a circle shape filling it in. You could use an SVG mask.
  10. ZillieZephyr

    T-Mobile says it owns the exclusive rights to the colour Magenta

    Meanwhile Milton Glaser makes zero dollars off of his I Heart NY design, and Piotr Młodożeniec gets his Coexist design taken completely out of context (and also makes zero dollars off it). I just love how corporations stress about the small stuff, but an individual artist can barely protect...
  11. ZillieZephyr

    JoyFreak's article page

    So one thing I recommend is to increase the font size for body copy, increase leading/line-height, and set a max-width for body copy. I recommend making these adjustments {line height: 1.7em; font-size:1.6em;} I also recommend making the padding around article content to be 24px instead of...
  12. ZillieZephyr

    T-Mobile says it owns the exclusive rights to the colour Magenta

    Was that about Squircles? That makes literally no sense because it's supposed to a generic container. You can't copyright something that's intended to be generic in nature. Then again, there is little thing called H&R Block. So there are some ways to get a generic shape to claimed.
  13. ZillieZephyr

    My design projects

    Howdy there! So—there's a lot to cover. First off, I like the concept for Woosh, but I wonder if the color scheme is a little too close to MasterCard, especially given the composition choice. On the icons themselves, if you scale it down, it gets a little hard to tell that it's a hot air...
  14. ZillieZephyr

    Hesitant from New Hampshire

    I came from the same background. Google has been my best companion.
  15. ZillieZephyr

    Howdy from Kansas City

    Let's talk about ADA compliance and Web Design!