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    🖼 Framer, collaborative app prototyping tool, comes to the web

    Love their homepage 🤯
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    Now Live [last update, I hope] Latest project (recipe collection)

    The website is delicious! Clean and simple 😎😎 Here are my thoughts: I feel the text in the header should be a little brighter. The contrast with the background is low. It would be great if you could reduce the characters per line on line 2. Tags like "dinner", "lunch" do not add...
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    Beta Testing Single Page Website Builder

    Whooa.. sorry! I checked your website on Chrome. It's an auto-playing video! The video isn't playing on Brave browser. It's a static image here. Not sure why (pic below) 🤔🤔
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    Beta Testing Single Page Website Builder

    That's a sweet sweet website! Good job :) Here are my thoughts: I personally prefer a quick way to signup for early access. A textbox + submit button, done! So, it was a jarring experience when the website re-directed me to Google Forms and asked me to fill up a form. You can always push a...
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    Solved Should we require some sort of participation before allowing showcase posts?

    I think it's fine not to have a minimum bar as of now as the frequency of such posts is pretty low (I feel 🤔). Later on, if things get spammy around here.. definitely yes! Yes, I agree 😄some posts don't even say a "hello"
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    SaaS for Artifical Intelligence (Pre Beta) Your Feedback is needed!

    Glad I cloud help Marc :) I joined early access and also took the survey. Waiting for the preview. I have one more doubt, it seems you are also providing infrastructure along with features to train, maintain and deploy models. So is it like AWS SageMaker? Sure, I will send you a link for...
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    SaaS for Artifical Intelligence (Pre Beta) Your Feedback is needed!

    Hi Marc According to me, "Artificial intelligence" is a broad term and hence phrases like "The future of AI development" or "Fast, secure and scalable development and integration of artificial intelligence" or "Developing an artificial intelligence can be a pain and getting it right takes...
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    please critic my landing page

    That's a really sweet looking website. Here are my thoughts: The three points about Sametable in the About section got me interested. I feel you should highlight them more. I think the landing page is communicating about the features rather than the value props. You can use this guide to...
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    Solved Forum icons

    Tried it out in the inspector. This actually looks good & makes sense!
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    The Music Thread

    Damn, nice song! Can you please recommend a few more (songs/artists) like this one? Thanks!!
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    Hello everyone 👋

    Glad to have you here @Juliend :)
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    That One Canadian Guy Has Arrived!

    Hey @Jordan ! Nice to have you here :) Hope you have a great time on Webwide.
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    How do you guys come with great ideas for side projects.

    I constantly look for opportunities to cut down time, effort and money. I have built few scrappy products for myself ranging from: a python script to quickly connect to my EC2 instances (saves time) to a library of web components that I can plug into a website to collect emails, feedback...
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    Starfield - literally a starfield

    Nice & smooth 😎 👍 Not sure why 8-bit music started playing in my head while watching this 🤷‍♂️
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    Just for fun a drawing game

    I can do this all day lol! 🤣 (muscular insect)