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Recent content by v1rtl

  1. v1rtl

    Suggest a fun, future-friendly stack for my next project?

    Golang + GraphQL for API, Nuxt or Next or Sapper for frontend
  2. v1rtl

    The Music Thread

    oooh get ready for a huge list Progressive Metalcore Polaris, Northlane, Thornhill, Diamond Construct, Invent Animate, ERRA, Loathe, Currents, Crystal Lake, Make Them Suffer, Silent Planet, Architects Nu Metal Stray Away From The Path, Deftones Black metal Deafheaven Post-punk Joy...
  3. v1rtl

    Help Wanted 🗞 Webwide Blog Discussion

    @Adam hm yes I didn't think about the price lol They have an open source editor, so nothing stops from building a web app with an editor
  4. v1rtl

    Help Wanted 🗞 Webwide Blog Discussion

    yeah, Forestry is cool because it is Git-backed CMS so people can both submit PRs and write using Forestry and then submit PRs from there
  5. v1rtl

    Help Wanted 🗞 Webwide Blog Discussion

    Awesome idea. Some companies and communities also have a blog so people, when googling things, will appear on your site. I think we should host an app on a subdomain, like blog.webwide.io, with some picks of users' articles. I think instead of a CMS we should just create a repository for...
  6. v1rtl

    Promote WebWide

    I guess social networks can help. and also sponsored posts in IT newsletter / Telegram channels
  7. v1rtl

    Promote WebWide

    While there is an awesome ref system in webwide there is still a very small amount of users. I created this thread to discuss ideas about how to make Webwide more popular among IT community. Does anyone have ideas of promoting Webwide?
  8. v1rtl

    Web Development on Mobile

    Mobile development is good when you are a masochist and try to entertain yourself
  9. v1rtl

    Google Chrome to block insecure downloads starting this spring

    sounds like a good thing. HTTPS is affordable thru Let's Encrypt so I see no reason to use HTTP outside of localhost
  10. v1rtl

    🏅 Prizes to be Won: New Year Referral Drive!

    what does "matured ref" mean?
  11. v1rtl

    Solved Assembling HTML in vanilla JS?

    My suggestion is not using innerHTML. You may get unexpected side effects. I understand that not anyone will like it but why not use preact (or lit-html) + htm? rendering will be safe and easier to control
  12. v1rtl

    React WYSIWYG Editor

    If you need a React desktop app try Electron. Although I hate it very much it is still a solution. But I strongly recommend just writing a React component, publishing it so other can use, and then host a "demo" which will be the app you try to build.
  13. v1rtl

    Development Komfy – secure social network for people

    Komfy is a secure, open source social network which aim is to be a place where people can share and publish content without being tracked. While being non profit, it will still have revenue with sponsor posts. Website: Komfy 🔐 GitHub: Komfy Telegram: Komfy 🔐 Twitter: v1rtl ✨ (@v1rtl) on Twitter...
  14. v1rtl

    Now Live go-web-app – Quickly setup Go frontend apps

    I wrote a CLI that helps you to get started with WebAssembly and Go. It has commands for running a dev server and packaging the app. https://github.com/talentlessguy/go-web-app
  15. v1rtl

    Your first website

    My very first website: http://kdatransavto.rf.gd/ for a transport company