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  1. tobyx

    WordPress landing page

    Many great tips in this topic. Adam, that looks great. RobinHood, that also looks great.
  2. tobyx


    I believe Affinity Photo and Designer are viable replacements for most work already. I would suggest trying it out. As Adam said, Tracing is a feature I miss from Designer but I get how it’s algorithmically challenging to implement. I’m sure they’re on it. I like how much thought went into...
  3. tobyx

    Hackers Tell the Story of the Twitter Attack From the Inside

    I’m really curious how detailed a final report on this from Twitter will be. Considering how embarassing it is for them, I don’t have high hopes.
  4. tobyx

    Will You Agree for your data to be sold in exchange for a truly free hosting account?

    Ever since the GDPR came into effect, I have been reluctant to rely on any third party services. All of them will be vetted and judged based on their privacy policies and availability of data processing addendums. To me, a free service that sells my data is automatically disqualified...
  5. tobyx

    Hi, I'm Toby 👋 (@tobyx)

    I always wonder how I ended up here. 👋 Best language. And Rails.
  6. tobyx

    Do you use a CSS pre-processor?

    No, not really. There are a plethora of online contrast checkers that are also valid for dark mode colors, but I like none of them. I keep my color palettes in Sip for Mac, which does have a contrast checker that is quite ok but still requires a lot of manual work. I find the Dark Mode of macOS...
  7. tobyx

    Do you use a CSS pre-processor?

    SASS written as SCSS. Currently reworking my own website to auto-switch between light and dark mode. I couldn't deal with all those colors without variables. I'm also heavily enjoying sass:color to create variants of colors, since I prototype in the browser.
  8. tobyx

    What's your Twitter?

    👉 @tobyx on Twitter
  9. tobyx

    Hi, I'm Toby 👋 (@tobyx)

    Hello hello hello. I'm Toby, a visual effects artist and web developer currently living in Berlin, Germany. I have been active on the web since 1996 and I am now realizing how old I am. My web dev heart beats for web standards and Ruby. I'm very much looking forward to what this community will...