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Recent content by TGDesigns

  1. TGDesigns

    Solved Google recaptcha question!

    It is! Do I need to set it as solved? Didn't realise my bad!
  2. TGDesigns

    From Austria

    Heya Jochen! Im from the United kingdom!
  3. TGDesigns

    Selling digital goods

    Did gumroad re-launch ive been using them for a few years and its been great so far!
  4. TGDesigns

    I'm scared...

    Super good advice here and on a side note, if anyone wants to talk at all, about anything at all I don't bite. I might not be the best programmer in the world but im willing to listen to whatever! Stay safe guys! The media can be scary as heck!
  5. TGDesigns

    Solved Google recaptcha question!

    oh..... oh now I feel silly..... I think I need to get some sleep
  6. TGDesigns

    Solved Google recaptcha question!

    Yeah I also thought that @Gummibeer but I cant select today's date...
  7. TGDesigns

    Solved Google recaptcha question!

    Ok question time because im baffled, ive been learning laravel and im loving it so far (Thanks @Gummibeer ). I recently setup user authentication and added google recaptcha into the mix all seems to be workings which is great! Now for the question, when I go to the admin console the date seems...
  8. TGDesigns

    Hi everybody, I am Sam.

    Welcome Sam!
  9. TGDesigns

    📂 Foldable Web: Responsive design challenges for a new wave of foldable/dual screens

    Plot twist only put content on one side of the fold, take that future people!
  10. TGDesigns

    Suggest a fun, future-friendly stack for my next project?

    @Gummibeer Ive been doing a laravel crash course this weekend ... Jeez I didnt know what I was missing out on! All the juicy stuff easy database access, generating models and controllers!
  11. TGDesigns

    Help Wanted Question on file organisation!

    Dont wanna keep reviving a dead thread but Would you say this is a good place to start learning laravel 6 gummi? Laracasts
  12. TGDesigns

    About me

  13. TGDesigns

    Help Wanted Question on file organisation!

    Fair play, thanks for the advice!
  14. TGDesigns

    Help Wanted Question on file organisation!

    On a side note Gummi do you know/have any experience with using smarty + laravel instead of blade?
  15. TGDesigns

    Help Wanted Question on file organisation!

    Thanks for the help guys I really appreciate it! I think your right on switching to a framework and thats where im gonna focus my energy next!