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Recent content by ReinissB

  1. ReinissB

    What do you think about my newest client website (music and poetry)?

    It's very clean and I like that! But this huge white space in the middle is a bit confusing. A person's portrait makes me concentrate on the right side too much. Maybe a vertically centered navigation and title would change that.
  2. ReinissB

    🙋‍♂️Idea: Webwide users online meeting 🔥

    It would be cool! Maybe we could all prepare some topics to talk about?
  3. ReinissB

    Dribbble invite

    Hello! I recently got an opportunity to invite someone to Dribbble. So if anyone here is willing to get it, message me and I will be happy to give it away :)
  4. ReinissB

    💻 Apple announces new $999 MacBook Air and refreshed Mac mini

    I like that they are starting to announce new products at cheaper prices than they used to. I'm not an expert so I am asking you. Is this new mac mini actually the best that they have ever made? If so then why is it cheaper than older ones? Same for MacBook Air. There are a couple of MacBook...
  5. ReinissB

    Swift Typing Game

    Well, after I reached 302 words, I got really bored, mostly because: Words are repeating too often Most of these words are too easy for 5 second time limit I suggest you adding dark mode . My eyes were burning after like 200 words. Overall, cool game! Enjoyed it.
  6. ReinissB

    Solved Forum icons

    Yepp! I agree with you
  7. ReinissB

    Promote WebWide

    Forum games, fun contests with prizes? Shop where you could buy all kind of things from webwide users would be cool. I personally would like to see more topics or anything related to graphic design. "Blogs" or "Articles" section would be cool as well where people could write their own articles...
  8. ReinissB

    Critique my landing page

    The design looks nice to me! But I suggest you adjust the padding to "How can we help?" section. Input fields are waay to stretched.
  9. ReinissB

    Will bigger resolution make any difference in Sketch?

    Maybe someone who owns a 1920x1080 resolution monitor or is able to set such a res and uses sketch, could help me out and take a screenshot with Artboard size of 1920x1080 and zoomed in to canvas? I just want to check how It would look.
  10. ReinissB

    Will bigger resolution make any difference in Sketch?

    Oh, okay. Thanks a lot! Made it clear for me. 🤝
  11. ReinissB

    Will bigger resolution make any difference in Sketch?

    Thank you! I will consider these. Talking about Sketch and inches. Won't 27 inches make both of these sides move to the left and right a bit more than for a 24-inch monitor? Or I'm just simply dumb and do not understand how these things work :D
  12. ReinissB

    Will bigger resolution make any difference in Sketch?

    What do you think about these two? https://www.1a.lv/datortehnika_preces_birojam/personalie_datori_monitori_ups/led_monitori/acer_b7_series_b247y https://www.1a.lv/datortehnika_preces_birojam/personalie_datori_monitori_ups/led_monitori/lg_24mp88hvs
  13. ReinissB

    Will bigger resolution make any difference in Sketch?

    As I live in Latvia, I prefer the Latvian marketplace. Would you mind taking a look at this shop? LED UN LCD MONITORI - LIELĀKĀ IZVĒLE LATVIJĀ. 0% LĪZINGS || 1A.LV If there you have difficulties understanding the language, I will understand. Thank you 👍
  14. ReinissB

    Will bigger resolution make any difference in Sketch?

    Well, I don't think 2560x1440 monitors will fit in my budget. It is 200 euros, which is about 220$. Also, I am looking for an IPS monitor because they are much better for graphic stuff than any other. Maybe you could recommend me some monitors for these requirements? 1. My budget is 200 euros =...
  15. ReinissB

    Will bigger resolution make any difference in Sketch?

    Hi everyone! As I want to purchase a new monitor for graphic design purposes there is one thing that bothers me the most. When I'm in Sketch, my fit canvas zoom is 59% which makes it almost impossible to orientate around my work and easily get things done. Right now I have a 22 inch monitor with...