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Recent content by Pandemix

  1. Pandemix

    Happy Birthday Adam!

    Happy birthday! Use today to work on anything you want, or nothing at all! Hope it's a good one.
  2. Pandemix

    Do you mostly create software for developers or end users?

    The question is simple and even if the answer lies somewhere in between, think broadly about the group of people your software projects tend to target and what about your strengths and interests makes you best to serve that demographic. To specify, when I say "developers tools" I mean projects...
  3. Pandemix

    👨🏼‍⚖️ Important Moderation Updates

    (checks alerts) Phew, still here. 😎
  4. Pandemix

    WordPress Where is the category page template in WordPress core?

    It's not a bad assumption to make and when you realize that one file can power an entire site you start to see the old WordPress core philosophy of "Decisions, Not Options" really come into play. It's debatable whether that is still a guiding principle with the heavy JS development that's been...
  5. Pandemix

    WordPress Where is the category page template in WordPress core?

    WordPress always falls back to index.php if the parent theme and child theme don't create those specific page templates. So you create your own category.php file in your child theme and for starters copy whatever is in the parent theme's index.php file so you can tweak it entirely.
  6. Pandemix

    Promote WebWide

    The fast growth of this community has been impressive and to have roughly ~40 already registered members a day come back to check out the forums (the daily average I've noticed in the "Recently active" sidebar since joining) is an excellent core to start with and a positive factor for anybody...
  7. Pandemix

    🚀 Hands-on with the Panic Nova beta

    Thank you for the insider look at Nova! I don't know about you but Coda has been my exclusive code editor for over a decade (the first app I ever bought). Knowing how quality Panic's products are it should be easy transition though.
  8. Pandemix

    Webwide landing page

    Really a brilliant idea for a page and one of the main things that convinced me to join. Maybe time to update the screenshot at the top with the latest design changes? :D
  9. Pandemix

    Gaming Forums - JoyFreak.com

    Hi JoyFreak, I see you across the few forums I lurk and appreciate your promotional hustle. :D So I'll give you my only feedback here, though it's more on the petty side: Any time I open your forum I have an urge to click the icons at the top with the hope of them taking me to somewhere to show...
  10. Pandemix

    Hello - Seamus from Pioneer

    Welcome Pioneer.app! ...ok that rolled off the tongue a bit awkwardly, I'll stick to Seamus—welcome! Really dig your landing page design.
  11. Pandemix

    Now Live Shirase: A simple tool to create images and embeds of maps

    Understandable! I typed in the address and did the trick anyways. Only thing is when I moved the marker out of the way under "Interactive", the downloaded image put it back to the center. Probably intended, but surprised me when I opened the downloadable image. Fun tool though, can be a cool...
  12. Pandemix

    Web Development on Mobile

    I can barely be bothered to do actual testing on my dummy smartphone let alone entire website development! Although, having FTP on my phone would have been nice on the day waaay back in high school when I broke my WordPress site while goofing off in my first class (didn't get home until many...
  13. Pandemix

    Now Live Shirase: A simple tool to create images and embeds of maps

    Finally, somebody more fed up than I am of manually taking screenshots of Google Maps! Very useful tool for the performance junkies among us. My only hangup, is it possible to type in business names or is strictly cities/regions/addresses? Very solid suggestion, IMO.
  14. Pandemix

    Learn this great software design pattern (but don't use it in production)

    Hi, would you like some overly simplified code examples with your unclear documentation? — The Current State of Web Documentation In all seriousness, finding the balance between creating documentation beginners can understand and experts can refer to is no easy task. The best documentation...
  15. Pandemix

    Hello my friends......

    The time is going to pass anyhow, so why not learn a new skill? You are taking the right steps by HTML for sure—you have our support! Do you intend to do most of your coding before or after work? I know it sounds like an arbitrary question since a good answer is "any time I can get!!" but I...