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    Name all the colours! This is fun. Leave your mark and name a new colour!
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    Cloudflare moves away from Google's reCaptcha I like this move. It's good to see the internet become a little less centralized. hCaptcha also has a pretty cool business model that leverages the Ethereum blockchain.
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    What do you think is considered part time work?

    I did a bit of research on what is considered “part time” work around the world and I n many places there are no strict definitions so employers and employees can agree upon hours and the “part time” title doesn’t hold much weight besides intent. The US, however, defines anything less than 30...
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    🌳 Refer a friend, plant a tree

    What a great idea Adam!
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    Now Live - Job board for remote / work-from-home careers

    Definitely a good investment. 👍🏼 Can I ask how you found ATS systems to partner with? Do you do cold-calling and networking to achieve this or are these systems actively looking for partners?
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    Your favorite JS trick

    !!falsyThing -> convert something "falsy" or "truthy" thing into a boolean.
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    Now Live - Job board for remote / work-from-home careers

    Great domain name! How'd you manage to snag that one?
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    Now Live 30 Hour Jobs - a job board for shorter workweeks

    Update: 30 Hour Jobs now has a payment system up and running! I used Stripe for this which was a great experience to use as always - it evens supports new cards with "3D Auth"! Use coupon code WEBWIDE to post a job for just $39 USD for 30 days 😉
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    Now Live 30 Hour Jobs - a job board for shorter workweeks

    I use Ghost as a headless content platform for a couple sites. I like it. The writing experience is good and it has everything I need. The only caveat is that you must use their taxonomy. You can’t build anything you like, it must be used to power a publication. So a blog or news site with...
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    Now Live 30 Hour Jobs - a job board for shorter workweeks

    Christmas update: I've just finished migrating the 30 Hour Jobs blog over to the main site. It was previously running on a separate subdomain as a Ghost site. I'm still using Ghost as a headless CMS to power the content but I'm pulling in the content from the API to render the pages manually...
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    Taking a break

    As we approach the end of the year, this is just a reminder that’s it’s okay to take a break to rest and spend time with friends and family. Hard work is important but so is taking time to reflect and recuperate!
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    📸 How to upload a high quality Twitter profile picture

    Interesting, what about an animated avatar? I’ve seen those before but they are rare.
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    Now Live Appwrite - Open-source Backend Server

    It’s a great idea. I think there is room for a new project that can take a new approach to the problem.
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    🎇 What are your 2020 goals?

    Yep! I find I often set many goals which actually adds more to my plate. So I’m keeping it simple and only removing stuff 😜
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    Now Live Appwrite - Open-source Backend Server

    I like the idea! It reminds me of Parse except not focused specifically on mobile (at a glance).